• Summit
  • Builders
  • AmTrust
  • Travelers
  • New York State Insurance Fund
  • FUBA
  • ​MCIM
  • ​and many others!

Some of the carriers we work are:

Pay-As-You-Go Workers Compensation

With Pay-As-You-Go Workers' Compensation, your premium is calculated on actual (not estimated) payroll.  Our clients experience improved cash flow and less headache.  With no checks to write or audit reports to complete (unless state mandated) our clients are also able to save time and resources.  Your premium can be automatically debited with your payroll,or kept in your bank account until due...either way the audit process is handled internally with no additional paperwork and adjustments are minimal.  We offer a premier product through top rated insurance carriers.

Payroll companies manage the premium dollars of clients in a way that helps to improve cash flow. A payroll system is one big calculator and when used correctly ensures that premium dollars are always accounted for, even when payrolls cycle up and down with hiring of new employees. 


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